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Welcome to Sewing Solutions

Sew Your Legacy

The Movement

Sewing Movement

Sewing was once common knowledge, but sadly it's now described as a dying art

sewing classes, learn to sew

With each generation...sewing instruction has become less and less accessible 

Especially with the rise of fast fashion 

sewing classes, learn to sew

So what's the good news? Sewing Solutions is changing all of that

We are bridging the gap by making sewing affordable and easily accessible 

And we're taking it a step further...

sewing classes, learn to sew

Sewing Solutions provides community and opportunities to pass down your sewing knowledge

sewing classes, learn to sew

 Join the sewing community, Sew your Legacy.

sewing classes, learn to sew, 3 generations at a sewing machine

Be a smart cookie and become a subscriber. You'll receive the inside scoop on new course offerings, master classes, livestream hangouts and more! We promise not to spam you.

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Take a sneak peek inside the

cookie from sewing tin
cookie from sewing tin

Sewing Membership

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Our full course catalog launches fall 2024 and includes classes on alterations, bridal, corsetry, draping, garment construction, mending, pattern making, and sewing techniques for all skill levels; with more categories growing each day.

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We're so excited to share our expertise, so we are rolling out

Master Classes prior to the official Sewing Solutions launch! Current masterclass topics are catered toward bridal and formal wear alterations. They are taught by the Sewing Solutions founders, Aga Pogórecka and Katie Apodaca, who have a combined 30 years experience as professional bridal seamstresses.

sewing classes, draping on the stand
sewing classes, learn to sew
sewing classes, learn to sew

Join a


Sewing has been passed down for generations by the simple act of sewing together

sewing classes, learn to sew
sewing classes, learn to sew

We're making it easy to continue that tradition! Sewing Solution members can enjoy monthly online hangouts. Simply bring yourself and your latest sewing project to our virtual meetup! You can ask questions or simply enjoy the community. 

We can't wait to meet you and sew together! 


Teacher Application

We bridge the gap between sewists and educators, by eliminating the need for teachers to spend tons of time/money on marketing, tech, and audience building. You’ve spent years honing your craft, now it’s time to pass it down and Sew Your Legacy! Sewing Solutions is the community for sewists and for you.

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