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We are so excited for your enrollment in our Bustle Masterclass! We promise that you will walk away with a ton of new knowledge and resources to up your bustle game. 

Whether you are just beginning to bustle...or you've been doing it for years, this Masterclass will have tons of amazing insights. 

The Details

4 hours of instruction via Zoom

LIVE on Zoom. Please download the app and set up your log in prior to attending the class. Please be prepared to have your camera on. All Masterclass attendees are REQUIRED to have their cameras on. This is NOT a webinar where we simply run through a presentation. We will be demonstrating techniques and communicating with Masterclass attendees throughout the class. Having your camera on will ensure the best learning outcomes for everyone, and is a requirement for participation.  

We will cover

  • 6 types of bustles AND common combinations 

  • The wide variety of bustle hardware/attachments

  • How to protect a bustle from breaking and/or tearing the train

  • How to transition your hem into your bustle

  • How to bustle a train with layers of varying widths, multiple hem tacks, oddly shaped layers, and other common difficulties

  • How to recommend bustle styles based on a gowns fabrication

  • How to analyze any train and effectively design a bustle that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional

  • All instruction is ZERO judgement and taught in a neutral "pro and con" fashion 

  • Wristloops: variety of sewing methods and when to recommend a wristloop

We welcome sewists of all skill levels, hobbyists, professionals, and everyone in between! Because Sewing Solutions is a platform for everyone, we will only be discussing sewing during this Masterclass. If you are a professional bridal alterations specialist and have business questions before, during, or after the Masterclass, please contact either Aga of Agadesal or Katie of Katie Rose Alterations for individual business help. Business questions are highly specific to one's market, and best advised in a 1-on-1 basis.

All Masterclass participants are required to sign an NDA and Noncompete before attending a class. In summary, the NDA simply ensures that anything that is not common knowledge, is not disclosed outside of our virtual classroom to competitors. The non-compete simply ensures that someone doesn't take our courses...then turn around shortly after and use that information to start their own education company with our resources. Individuals who currently monetize off bridal and sewing education are ineligible for Sewing Solution Masterclasses. 

Join the Waitlist

The last Masterclass was on 4/28.

Join the waitlist to be notified when the next class is held.

Kristi Raymond

So glad I took the bustle masterclass! I’ve been sewing bridal for 9 years and learned so many techniques that will help me improve my services to my clients. The class was very informative and thorough. Highly recommend!

Cynthia Lindbom

I just finished taking the Bustle Masterclass. This was hands down the best "class" experience I've had. Both Aga and Katie explained their processes in deciding how and WHY they chose a certain bustle for each gown. This also confirmed for me that bustle "rules" are meant to be adjusted depending on what crazy scenario the designer has given us to work with. I feel more confident in putting to use new ideas as well as employing the ones I already use.

Christine Engel

Aga and Katie are clearing very knowledgable in their craft and together make a good team of communicating the sometimes complicating world of bustling beyond the standard solutions.

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