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Founding Members

Welcome! We are so excited you're here! 

The Big launch is happening fall 2024, in order to expand our tutorial library and give members the best experience possible. But people who believe in the sewing cause (and love a good deal) have the opportunity to become a Founding Member!


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Founding Membership Currently Closed

The Details

Annual membership

Founding members will pre-pay for their first year, and for a fraction or the regular cost. The membership is broken down by sewing level. During the fall launch, Founding Members can choose which membership level fits their needs best.


As a thank you to our Founding Members, you will receive 25% off any all all Masterclasses happening from now until our big fall  launch.  


Hangouts are starting early! Founding Members will have access to our monthly livestream sewing Hangouts. They will even be polled so Hangout dates, times, and even sewing topics are catered to their needs! 

Membership Discounts

We are truly grateful to our original supporters! At the end of their first year membership, Founding Members have the opportunity to convert into a discounted monthly membership!

Standard Membership 


Founding Membership

$120 pre-paid 1st year

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