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Welcome to the Sewing Movement

Sew Your Legacy


We are an online platform that offers online sewing classes and subscription services with vetted sewing instructors. All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to couture. Join our community and sew your legacy today!

Want to spread your love of sewing?

Whether you love to sew, or are tired of teaching sewing without pay, this is the perfect platform for you. We've created the most robust online sewing instruction hub, where sewists can easily access information, and teachers can monetize on sharing their knowledge. 

`We see you. All the years it took to hone your craft. The roadblocks you faced earning access to industry “secrets”. The grit it took to become the expert you are now. We see you because we’ve been there too. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We are changing the dynamics of the sewing industries. Making information readily accessible to the next generation, and empowering you to monetize on your hard earned expertise. 

Our current course catalog includes classes on alterations, bridal, corsetry, garment construction, mending, pattern making, and sewing techniques for all skill levels; with more categories growing each day.

Welcome to the sewing revival. We are sewists and teachers; empowering each other and sharing generational knowledge.

 Join the community, Become a teacher, Sew your Legacy.

Why Contribute?

Our focus is on building the community, so you don’t have to! You are no longer limited by social media following, web development, or expensive marketing; simply do what you love and teach sewing.

Our platform is founded by two professional sewists. They both experienced the challenge of finding reputable sewing resources for all levels and topics, in one location. Sewing courses and tutorials are currently scattered across textbooks, blogs, websites, or memberships by individual persons/companies. Making it extremely time consuming and expensive to gain a fully rounded sewing education. This ends now.  

In the same way, it is extremely difficult for professional sewists to share their knowledge. You have to be an influencer with a huge following, or invest heavily in web development, to effectively reach sewists. Our founders experienced this too. Our platform and sewing community solves these problems and bridges the information gap in our sewing industries.

Why Now?

We're launching with a BANG! Our course catalog is rapidly growing and almost ready to launch. Become a founding teacher and submit your courses before launch date.

In order to improve the sewist experience there is a cap on how many lessons teach a specific sewing technique. We only keep the best of the best. This improves teacher monetization because unlike platforms like generic video streaming platforms, your courses cannot be drowned out. We encourage early video submission and becoming a founding teacher so you are not limited by course topics and can maximize your number of courses, views, and monetization.


As a sewing teacher, you will be paid for how many views your lesson receives and how large our community of sewists is during that given time period. You do not have to reach a minimum number of views or personal subscribers in order to be eligible for monetization. Unlike other video streaming platforms, ours is subscription based and ad free. This means that your videos and sewists will not be interrupted by pesky ads.

We also provide unlimited bandwidth which means that the more videos you make, the more money you can make, at absolutely no additional cost to you. We’ve removed the barriers, so all you have to do is share what you love.


We pride ourselves on being the best and most robust sewing education platform. We vet all of our teachers and each video goes through a quality check based on the techniques presented, as well as the overall quality of the footage. This might sound scary, but trust us, it’s not! If your video does not pass quality check, we provide feedback and specific action items to help you succeed. We want all of our teachers to be successful and share their skills in the most effective ways. 

 We also interact with our sewists directly to answer any questions and fix any bugs that may prevent the platform from working smoothly. All of this behind the scenes happens without you having to lift a finger.


Once your application has been processed, you will receive a guideline for formatting and editing your videos. We want to make sure that sewists can easily retrieve information from your videos efficiently and effectively. You will be instructed on the quality of audio and video of your footage. On our platform, you aren’t just a drop in the bucket. We genuinely want you to succeed and the sewing industries to thrive. To help reach these goals, we provide resources for maximizing course monetization and industry impact.

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